Enriching Payment Experiences for Hotels & Restaurants

Are you a restaurant or a hotel, or a hotel chain, we are here to help. With hotelpay, enhance your customer experience by helping your customers pay quickly and effortlessly.
hotelpay, is specially designed to solve problems of the hospitality sector as a whole.

Add a seamless and integrated payment experience through your existing technology solutions. offer dynamic payment gateway, customized ivr, qr codes, invoice links, epos and edc solutions


Go Contactless-The new normal

  • Be COVID-19 guidelines compliant.
  • Go digital & be paperless.


Single Dashboard View

  • Avoid multiple systems for digital payments
  • Easy integration with your existing system.


Card-Validation Issues

  • Losing inventory to customers who don’t pay on time?
  • Too many pricing plans?


Smarter Payments that adapt to your needs!

  • Automatically release inventory if customer payment are not confirmed.
  • Easily manage all your plans under one consolidated system.


Losing Customers due to lack of payment options

  • Keeping up with ever increasing digital payment options is difficult
  • Build consistent payment experience across all touch points.


Spoil your customers with choices

  • Options to choose from debit cards to credit cards, internet banking to UPI from 140+ partners.
  • In-built payment disbursement system helps ease vendor payments.


Handling Split Payments

  • Errors due to Manual Entry.
  • Reconciling multiple transactions against a single invoice.


Automated Split Payment Management

  • Automatically calculate each transaction amount.
  • Payments through digital channels and POS.

Features of airpay Hotelpay Payment Solutions

Central Reservation Systems

Single dashboard view of your room inventory from multiple OTAs.

  • Bookingjini, Cogwave, Ease Rooms
  • Eglobe, Ezee, Hospitality Minds
  • Hotel Commerce, Hotel Launcher
  • Hotelkeys, Hotelogix, Ihotelier, Oracle
  • Hospitality, Perfect Hand Solution
  • Reznext, Synxis, Winhms and many more

Internet Booking Engines

Keep in-sync both of your online and offline room reservations.

  • Aurora, Bookingjini, Cogwave, Ease Rooms
  • Eglobe, Ezee, Hospitality Minds
  • Hotel Commerce, Hotel Launcher
  • Ihotelier, Oracle Hospitality, Perfect Hand and many more

Channel Management System

Automate room availability & prices with OTAs with a single click & collect payments on the same platform.

  • Axis Rooms, Eglobe, Ezee
  • Hotel Commerce, Ihotelier
  • Maxomojo, Simplotel
  • Staah, Symphony, WinHMS and many more

50+ Property Management System

Now manage your multiple property anytime, anywhere using our SaaS platform.

  • Aurora, Bookingjini, Cogwave
  • Ease Rooms, Eglobe, Ezee
  • Hospitality Minds, Hotel Commerce and many more

Mobilise IT

Be future ready with mobile payments & personalised mobile travel guides for your guests.

  • Bookingjini, Cogwave,Eglobe, Ezee
  • Hospitality Minds, Hotel Commerce
  • Hotel Launcher, Hotelkeys, Hotelogix
  • Ihotelier,Maxomojo, Oracle
  • Reznext,Simplotel, Staah
  • Symphony, Shawman, Winhm and many more

Business Insights

Your data tells a story.

  • Real-time data tracking, with in-depth analysis of your data to help you take better business decisions and enhance your operational efficiency

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