Business Dashboard

A unified Dashboard View along with all payment information

View data such as your Payments Volume, Transactions, and the distribution of your payments across payment methods (Cards, Netbanking, Wallets, etc.) and platforms (Android, Desktop), among other features. You can analyze this data by hours, days, weeks, or months over any period since your first transaction with airpay.

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Business Khata

Simplify your business digitally with Khata Management

  • Convert all offline invoices to real-time online payments
  • Automatically create invoices and send them out to the customers to collect online payments.
  • Track cash and card purchases, as well as customer udhaar details.
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Business Loans

Grow your business with easy and flexible Business Loans

You can quickly get credit for your business through our Banking and NBFC partners based on your transaction history

Advantages of applying for this loan:

  • Digital loan with no bank visits and no paperwork
  • Instant loan in two days
  • Collateral Free loan
  • Easy Loan Repayment Options
  • Low-Interest Rate
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Business Insights

Prepare for your next business move.

The Business Insights Platform will process the relevant data sets and ask relevant questions to determine your next business move with precision.

Look into the resources listed below.

  • Payments Report
  • Performance Insights
  • Customer Experience
  • Data Analytics
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Engage your customers by giving them free rewards with every transaction.

Customers will return to take advantage of these incentives, resulting in increased sales and repeat purchases.

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Risk and AML

Use the airpay Risk & AML solution to safeguard your organisation from financial crime by monitoring, detecting, alerting, minimising, and avoiding risk.


  • Assists with meeting regulatory standards
  • Enhances risk mitigation
  • Optimises the compliance process
  • Psychological profiling
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Reconciliation and Settlement

The Reconciliation & Settlements solution is an automated tool for increasing the accuracy of financial transaction processing across all channels (such as ATMs, POS, eCommerce, and Mobile Banking.)


  • Time and manpower savings
  • Increased Reliability and Productivity
  • Quick resolution of mismatched transactions
  • One Solution for all reconciliation and settlement needs
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Introducing #MadeInIndia airpay prepaid cards. You can open this hassle-free account in less than 5 minutes to make purchases from your Lifetime Zero Balance Wallet

Gift this pre-loaded card to a loved one on a special occasion or utilise it for your benefit. It's all up to you!

Let's look at the benefits of this card, which can be used, both in stores and online

  • Pay all your bills and recharge your phone with a single click
  • Make payments with your wallet and choose the best loan product for your needs
  • Find, compare, and purchase insurance products that will provide you peace of mind while also assisting you and your loved ones in preparing for life's uncertainties
  • Set transaction limits or even disable certain types of transactions to gain control over your finances
  • Choose the best wallet and get exciting benefits and rewards
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