Complete financial management
on a single platform

Our payout solution gives you a centralised dashboard to manage all payouts

How does it work?

  • With a single click, you can authorise multiple payouts such as vendor invoices, employee salaries, and customer payouts from any location
  • Raise, Approve and Authorise Purchase Orders and Invoices
  • Businesses can upload and pay invoices in bulk
  • You will have complete control with user access management and maker/checker capabilities
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Utility Bill Payments

No Convenience Fee on Utility Bill Payments

  • You can pay for various bill payment and recharges (DTH, mobile, etc.)
  • You can pay all utility bills across geographies with a single click using any payment instrument
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Introducing #MadeInIndia airpay prepaid cards. You can open this hassle-free account in less than 5 minutes to make purchases from your Lifetime Zero Balance Wallet

Gift this pre-loaded card to a loved one on a special occasion or utilise it for your benefit. It's all up to you!

Let's look at the benefits of this card, which can be used, both in stores and online

  • Pay all your bills and recharge your phone with a single click
  • Make payments with your wallet and choose the best loan product for your needs
  • Find, compare, and purchase insurance products that will provide you peace of mind while also assisting you and your loved ones in preparing for life's uncertainties
  • Set transaction limits or even disable certain types of transactions to gain control over your finances
  • Choose the best wallet and get exciting benefits and rewards
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Employee Expense Management

Are your employees submitting an excessive number of reimbursement receipts?

Simplify employee expense management by providing better visibility into spending and expense categories

  • Our expense management solutions make it easier to track an employee's expenses and reimbursements
  • The platform provides comprehensive insight on employee expenditure and expense heads to both the employee and your corporate office
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Tax Management

Tax Management for SMEs

  • A single interface for paying your state and Central Government taxes.
  • 100% safe and secure
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